Companies House will have an increased role in tacking economic crime in the future, following the Royal Assent of the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act.

To enable them to do this, they are bringing in a number of updates including:

  • New rules for registered office addresses
  • New requirement for a registered email address
  • Increased verification for anyone who owns or runs a business
  • Fee increases

From the 4th March the registered office must be deemed to be appropriate, meaning P.O. Boxes can no longer be used as a registered office address. The use of our address as your registered office should still be considered appropriate but please feel free to contact us should you have any queries.

Following the 4th March, when filing your annual confirmation statement, you will have to provide a registered email address. There are no restrictions on using a personal or corporate email address, however, similar to the registered office, the email provided must be considered appropriate by Companies House. In the cases where DSG complete the company’s Confirmation Statement on your behalf, we will register our company secretarial DSG email address. Companies will also need to confirm that their activities and any intended future activities are lawful.

In order to facilitate these changes, Companies House have announced that they will be increasing their fees from 1st May 2024. They have said that these increases will only allow them to cover their increased costs but some of the increases are substantial. A full list of the fee increases and further information on the changes can be found here.

If you require any more information please call Alan Pugh on 01244 526 039 or alternatively speak to your client manager.