Our payroll services allow you to focus on your business goals.

Paying your employees is among the most vital tasks you will have to perform.  However, payroll processing is becoming increasingly difficult, especially given all the changes in taxation and employment legislation and can be a significant drain on your resources.

We have a dedicated payroll team; our personal and tailored approach means we can process your payroll as frequently as required and create payroll summaries that match your reporting requirements.

We are on hand to answer any ad-hoc queries and will act as an agent for dealing with any PAYE enquiries from HMRC.

We will make you aware of any changes in legislation and our software is fully RTI compliant.   We can make BACs approved payments through one of our excellent service providers and can therefore make payments securely and direct to your employees.

We understand we are dealing with sensitive information and have a secure online portal for sharing of information; which is fully password protected.  Your employees will be able to access their individual payslips with their own unique login.

Our full suite of services will ease the burden of compliance, and allow you to focus on achieving your business goals.

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