Here at DSG Chartered Accountants, we are passionate about helping others and giving back. Many of our staff members take part in charity work frequently and enjoy making a difference in other people’s lives.

Our amazing Accounts Assistant, Marissa Jones, donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust on the 27th of August. In doing this, she raised £680 to donate to the charity!

The Little Princess Trust makes wigs from donated hair for children with cancer and other illnesses so that they can feel a sense of normality and confidence. They also fund research into childhood cancer and its treatments. (LPT) What an amazing cause!

We asked Marissa why she chose to cut her hair for the Little Princess Trust:

“I wanted to do it as I know how hard it must be for a child, especially a little girl, to lose their hair as it can be part of someone’s self-confidence. I have the opportunity to help them to feel confident and not have to worry about that when they have so much going on to have worries about. The charity is amazing and helps fund research into treatments for childhood cancer as well as the wigs which I think is amazing. It is a very personal charity for me a one of my best friends who I have known all of my life lost her little brother to cancer and seeing her family go through that was awful and to try and prevent that for other families just simply by having my hair cut, I don’t think is much to ask.”

Marissa’s haircut was performed by the fantastic hairdressers at Andrew Collinge free of charge. They kindly gave their time and services to help Marissa donate her hair.

Well done Marissa! To find out more about the Little Princess Trust, go to Little Princess Trust (