We spoke to David Kenny, Payroll advisor at DSG about his journey into accountancy and his experience at DSG. David joined as an apprentice and has flourished whilst he’s been working with our team. Hear about his experience of the working culture at DSG. 


What brought you to DSG? 

I joined DSG as an apprentice in 2018. I didn’t see the academic route as one that I wanted to follow and was keen to get stuck into working rather than study for more exams. I knew that I wanted to enter accounting, and DSG had always been on the cards for me, as I wanted a career where I could develop and learn. DSG has a brilliant reputation for being a place that’s great for young talent – it’s a firm that supports you whilst pushing you to seize better opportunities and excel.  


How would you describe the work culture at the firm? 

The culture of the firm is very supportive, and each member of the team makes sure you’re assisted in whatever you need. Since I joined as an apprentice, I needed to take the payroll technician exam to improve my knowledge and develop my personal skillset. Although these were delayed because of COVID-19, my team manager made sure that I finished the process and received my qualification.  

During my time working towards my qualifications, the DSG team were very helpful and open in allowing me to ask them questions and get advice prior to sitting my exams. It’s small things like the support the team gave me in revising the content that makes the firm a great place to work. Each team member looks out for one another, and we push each other to do better. Now that I have my qualifications it has really given me a confidence boost in my work, and that’s down to my team supporting and helping me along the way. 


What has been your biggest challenge while working at DSG? 

During the pandemic, there was a big workload for the payroll team to work through. That could have been a really tough period, but despite working from home, the team and the partners of the firm went out of their way to ensure we felt supported, and we received the help we needed.  

Before too long, a new member of the payroll team joined to provide further support. The partners and wider managerial team have been very attentive in making sure each of us is comfortable in completing the work we do. I felt that period was a real turning point in my career, and I’m proud of the work that the team was able to pull off during a challenging time. 


What stands out to you the most about DSG? 

DSG is a firm that’s makes its mark through its people. We have a tight knit community that’s very social, and we spend a lot of time both working together and outside of working hours. The friends I’ve made at DSG are an essential part of why the firm is so great to work at.  

On a more practical aspect, DSG stands out as it is a really great place for young people to learn and develop. The team managers are invested in seeing you progress and are ready to help you along the way. That doesn’t just mean the managers within your own department, but from across the firm. Each person takes the time to know how you’re doing and if there is anything they can do to help you. It’s a big part of why DSG stands apart – the people form a supportive environment which helps you thrive.