To mark National Apprenticeship Week, DSG spoke to some of its apprentices to learn about their experiences at the firm. We asked Sophie Jefferies, and Brad Stewart, and Katie Ansell to give an insight into their time working at DSG. 

Why did you choose to pursue an apprenticeship?  

Sophie: Following a career change, I found that pursuing an apprenticeship gave me a clear route to the end goal of qualifying. The support for apprentices, such as Kaplan talent coaches, is invaluable in helping me to progress and I feel well supported along the way. 

Brad: I chose to pursue an apprenticeship because I wanted to gain first-hand experience in the workplace and really grasp the day-to-day elements of working with colleagues as part of a team. I believed University wasn’t for me, so I immediately decided to go down the apprenticeship path and I am so glad I did. An apprenticeship allows you to balance your work life, study life and social life. 

Katie: I chose an apprenticeship as I favoured the idea of receiving structured training in a working environment, whilst gaining valuable experience. 

During your time here, what has stood out to you the most?   

Sophie: Since working at DSG I have found that my colleagues hold a real sense of teamwork between them, and that has stood out to me most. Whilst the audit team is a large team, we will often be on site in smaller groups. I have found that my colleagues are quick to help if I am ever unsure or need guidance on a particular work area. 

Brad:  A few things have stood out to me. Firstly the environment: the office is a relaxed but productive place where I can work with many friendly and approachable colleagues. Another element which has stood out to me is how well all colleagues are looked after. We are all treated very fairly and can look forward to social events which help break the ice after work hours such as quizzes, escape rooms and mini golf. The social cohesion is key to achieving the workplace-social life balance. 

Katie: The level of support and guidance has stood out the most, everyone is friendly and always willing to help you, no matter how large or small the question may be. You are always given clear detailed instructions which allows you to fit into your role semi independently. 

Would you recommend DSG to other aspiring apprentices, and why?  

Sophie: Yes. DSG have allowed flexibility in when I sit college exams and been incredibly supportive, giving me the necessary days off to focus on study. 

Brad: I would 100% recommend DSG For other aspiring apprentices like me. It really allows you to engage with your colleagues and understand how a business operates first-hand. 

Katie: I would recommend DSG to other aspiring apprentices – all staff are helpful and approachable, and there are always a wide variety of tasks to complete, making the day to day work challenging and engaging. 

How would you describe the team dynamic and work culture?  

Sophie: I enjoy the DSG working culture. It is a very young, sociable, and diverse environment. I enjoy being able to attend socials regularly, particularly being in the audit department where you may otherwise not see colleagues for months on end. I enjoy being on different jobs, and working with different colleague and managers and learning from the same. 

Brad: The team dynamic works very well,  the department I work in all get along so well and we can all have a laugh together whilst maintaining a productive attitude to our work. They have all made me feel so at ease since joining and have allowed me to settle in. 

Katie: I work in accounts and outsourcing, and our team is very outgoing and easy to fit into, there is always someone to talk to about any problems you might be having, so they can be resolved quickly. 

How have you found the learning experience at DSG?  

Sophie: Empowering! I feel free to be able to dictate when I learn and direct this myself and feel that DSG will always support my choices. 

Brad: The learning experience so far has been great, I have been taught many useful skills and multiple techniques into accounting which I feel I have significantly benefitted from. I also go to college numerous times a month and the lessons are engaging and very informative. 

Katie: So far, my learning experience at DSG has been brilliant. The tasks that I do daily help me to understand the concepts that we study on the college side of the apprenticeship. I have really enjoyed everything I’ve been learning so far and look forward to my future at DSG.