Spring has arrived and, as we prepare for a return to the office, we remain focused on celebrating our people and the achievements they have made in the last 12 monthsIf you have visited our offices before, you will have likely met our brilliant secretary Anne Clifford. Anne is celebrating a very special anniversary this year after 35 years with DSG as of the end of March. In a year like no other, Anne has found a number of positives from the new normal. 

When the first lockdown was announced back in March 2020, we knew that everything was about to changeHowever, DSG has such a strong community that we were well equipped to adjust to the new way of working without too much interruption. While it’s certainly not been without its challenges, I believe there are a number of learnings to take from the lockdown, that I hope we’ll be carrying through to coming months as we return to the office. 

1. Making time to focus 

While it’s always great to catch up while you make a coffee, or take a break to chat, I’ve enjoyed the time alone. It’s been ideal being able to focus on the job, and though I do miss the buzz of the office, there’s definitely something to take from that. Going forward, setting time aside in the diary for distraction-free work could be a great way to continue this as we return to the office. 

2. Setting a routine 

One thing I noticed early on was how much I value the routine that getting into the office provides. The morning and evening commute is perfect for getting into the right mindset for the day and switching off once you finish. I’ll be making the most of the commute in the future and appreciating the structure that office-life gives even more once we return five days a week. 

3. Relying on your team 

Above everything else, it’s been the team that has made this year so positive and, while a call on Teams is nice, you can’t beat that face-to-face connection. We’ve all worked really hard to support each other over the previous year, and I have no doubt that this will continue as more return to the office. The people at DSG have made the past 35 years wonderful, and I’m looking forward to seeing them all again once we return. 

To find out how we’ve supported our team and our clients throughout the pandemic, visit: www.dsg.co.uk/covid-19/